Be In The Know

The effect of absences upon grades is determined by the instructor.

Last Day to Drop:
Each term, there is an advertised last day to drop, generally seven days from the first day of class for the term. If a student completes an official drop form (with the signature of the High School Counselor) before the advertised last day to drop, the transaction is considered dropping a course. No record of enrollment will appear on the student's transcript and the enrollment will not count as an attempt for purposes of full cost and repeat rules.

Last Day to Withdraw:
If a student submits an official withdrawal form (with the signature of the High School Counselor), by the day before the class final, the transaction is considered withdrawing from a course. The student will receive a grade of "W" on his/her final grade report and transcript. Dual students are not permitted to repeat courses from which they withdraw. Students are permitted a maximum of two withdrawals while in the dual enrollment program. A third withdrawal will suspend the student from the program.

Graduation Deadline:
Final responsibility for all graduation requirements for the degree, certificate or diploma that the student is seeking rests with the student. Each term there is an advertised last day to apply for graduation.

During the next to last term of enrollment, all students are encouraged to contact an advisor or Student Affairs to ensure all graduation requirements can be met as expected.

NWF State College Student Identification Card and Parking Decal
These are available at no charge and will be issued when registration is complete. The student Identification card is necessary for checking out materials from the library and for accessing electronic information databases via the Internet from home. The cards are used for identification at the Business Office and the College Barnes & Noble Bookstore. For free admittance to some NWFSC events, such as the Northwest Florida Symphony Orchestra concerts, student theatrical productions and Raider Athletics, a current student I.D. card is required. There is a $15.00 fee to replace a lost ID card.

The operation of a private vehicle on an NWF State College campus is a privilege, not a right. All students must display a parking decal on the vehicle and park in the designated white-lined spaces. Parking decals are available during registration and throughout the year at no charge.