The following is a listing of staff contact information for the Financial Aid office.

Aid Type Person Contact Information
Director of Financial Aid/VA Patricia Bennett Telephone: 850-729-5370 
FAX: 850-729-6045
Assistant Director of Financial Aid/VA Kym Lang Telephone: 850-729-5370
FAX: 850-729-6045
Financial Aid Specialists

Christa Henderson

Christi Osborne

Telephone: 850-729-5370
Fax: 850-729-6045

Financial Aid/VA Specialist Hope Griffin Telephone: 850-729-5370
FAX: 850-729-6045
Financial Aid Technicians

Suzie Keithley

Wanda Morgan
Telephone: 850-729-5370
FAX: 850-729-6045
Veterans Specialist Greg Mett Telephone: 850-729-5375
FAX: 850-729-4912
Veterans Technician Lisa Walton

Telephone: 850-729-5375
Fax: 850-729-4912

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