Sankofa Project

The NWFSC African-American Student Association (AASA), in conjunction with other factions of the college, has identified a need to develop a plan to assist African-American students in successfully completing required math courses. Beginning in January of 2016, AASA will begin hosting a series of sessions, to be held throughout the semester, that will feature guest speakers on topics related to academic success and will provide opportunities for networking and interaction among peers. The primary goal will be to pair African American students experiencing difficulties with those who are excelling in math. This effort will be referred to as the Sankofa Project.



“The Sankofa Project will connect African- American developmental education math students with proficient African American math students.”



  1. Provide networking opportunities for Sankofa Project participants.
  2. Schedule structured skill building sessions for Sankofa Project participants. 
  3. Provide tutoring services for Sankofa Project participants.  


What is Sankofa?

Sankofa Project

In African culture, the Sankofa bird is a unique symbol. Visually, the neck of the Sankofa Bird is turned backwards as its body moves forward and in its beak it carries an egg that it has lifted from its back (past) with the intention of giving it to a representative of the present in order to contribute to forward progress through the giving of knowledge. In essence, it represents the sharing of wisdom with others, while maintaining the successful pursuit of one’s own endeavors. In keeping with the values represented by the Sankofa Bird, the African American students who take part in the Sankofa Project at NWFSC will share their knowledge of math with their African-American peers and at the same time, continue to succeed in their own math courses.


How To Participate

If you would like to participate inthe Sankofa Project, please visit our online sign-up form.

Sign-up for Sankofa Project reminders: Click Here to Sign-up for Sankofa Project Reminders


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