NWF Alumna Emily Hils Continues on a Path of Success

February 22, 2017

NICEVILLE- Enjoying the path of education while planning for a future career is often a difficult marriage. For Northwest Florida State College alumna Emily Hils, it was one accomplished with diligence, resilience and a passion for success.

A native of DeFuniak Springs, Emily Hils joined NWF when she Emily Hils, NWF alumnamade the transition from a traditional high school to the Collegiate High at Northwest Florida State College and recounts the stark contrast that allowed her the freedom to explore her interests and better prepare for the future. “It was very empowering to set my own schedule and choose the courses that would align with my interests,” said Hils. At NWF, Hils earned her Associate of Arts degree in 2010 before graduating with her high school diploma and is very proud to have started her education as a Raider. 

The Collegiate High School at NWF State College allows students the opportunity to begin and complete their two year degree at the same time as earning their high school diploma. For many graduates like Emily, Collegiate High at NWF created a solid foundation for the future. “NWF prepared me for success by teaching the skills and providing the tools necessary to build a foundation for lifelong learning,” says Hils, “I loved every minute at NWF.”

After graduating from the Collegiate High School and NWF, Emily Hils went on to earn her B.S. in Political Science from Florida State University in 2012, before she turned 21. Since 2013, she has worked for Florida Governor Rick Scott as an analyst and has recently joined the education unit tasked with creating the Governor’s budget for state universities and fixed capital outlay.