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Please note that answers will be updated and questions added as needed, with the date of the change or addition noted. This is a rapidly evolving situation, and providing accurate information to ensure the safety of our faculty, staff, students and campuses is our top priority. Additional information regarding NWFSC’s COVID-19/Coronavirus Response Plan will be adjusted as needed.

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Employee Coronavirus FAQs

Yes, at least the majority of the time.  All employees (exempt and non-exempt) will receive communication from their supervisor with information about remote work arrangements prior to March 30. In some cases, employees may be temporarily reassigned to assist the college in critical areas. In limited circumstances, employees may, with approval of their supervisor, work on campus so long as 10 or fewer people occupy a work space while adhering to good social distancing practices.

At this time, telework is expected to continue through the end of the spring semester. However, it may be extended if conditions warrant such measures.

All part-time employees are encouraged to work with their supervisors to ensure an average of 29 hours per week is not exceeded. In some cases, employees may be temporarily reassigned to assist the college in critical areas.

If you need to come on campus to pick up materials to facilitate remote work, you must coordinate with your supervisor for approval and with security for access by calling your campus or location security team.

If your campus or location security team is helping another colleague and, therefore, is not available, call (850) 729-5260. If you are following self-isolation protocol, please coordinate with your supervisor to have items picked up and delivered to you.

No College sanctioned in-person meetings are permitted at an offsite location. Employees are encouraged to utilize NWFSC’s Zoom software, or communicate by email and phone.

Vacation and personal time can be used for time off due to childcare needs.

However, the use of sick leave is guided by NWFSC Board of Trustee Policy HR 18.00 and is reserved for employees unable to perform his/her duty because of personal illness or illness/death of a family member.

Please review any concerns with your supervisor and refer to the NWFSC Personnel Handbook located on RaiderNet for further information.

Faculty and staff relying on College servers to access files may request to have VPN set up by submitting an IT ticket by email at [email protected]or by phone at (850) 729-5396.

Yes, NWFSC-sponsored Florida Blue medical plans will cover medical expenses associated with treatment for COVID-19/Coronavirus.

Yes, NWFSC-sponsored Florida Blue medical plans will cover screening for COVID-19/Coronavirus.

NWFSC employees needing assistance coping with the emotional impact of COVID-19/Coronavirus, please contact Pattison Professional Counseling at (850) 863-2876 or (850) 682-1234.

All faculty are encouraged to review the Academic Continuity Plan provided via email by Academic Affairs leadership.

Questions should be first directed to your supervisor. Campus safety and security concerns may be directed to Chief Aaron Murray at (850) 729-5260 or by emailing [email protected]. Human Resource questions may be directed Roberta Mackey by calling (850) 729-5365, or by emailing [email protected].

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