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The Accuplacer’s College Level Math exam (CLM) is used for higher level math placement for students enrolling at Northwest Florida State College. Students are allowed one opportunity to test. In order to take the CLM, the student must not have previously taken any college-level math courses and also show requisite placement scores in one of the following:

  • PERT Math: 133
  • ACT Math: 21
  • New SAT Math Score: 26.5
  • Old SAT Math Score: 500

The following guide identifies what scores are needed on the Accuplacer (CLM) for enrollment in a higher level math course at NWF State College:

Table showing score range, course number and course name for Accuplacer results. Score range 75-85: MAC1140, Pre-Calc. Algebra; 86-102: MAC1114, Trigonometry; 86-120: MAC2233, Business Calculus; 103-120: MAC2311 (student must have taken Trigonometry with a 'B' or higher to enroll in MAC2311), Calculus 1.

The Accuplacer exam is also available for non-students with a valid voucher from their institution or advisor. Please work with your advisor to request the required voucher and schedule a test online.

Visit Practice and Be Prepared for Accuplacer on the College Board website for help with exam preparation.

Available NWFSC Testing Locations

  • Niceville Campus

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